You won’t be surprised to learn that your restroom, both in your private home and at your place of business, is host to billions of germs and bacteria, as well as viruses and pathogens. While the countertops and toilets look clean at a glance, without professional deep cleaning these surfaces could be harboring pathogens that spread illness to your family and employees! Fortunately, DFW Disinfecting employs an electrostatically charged spraying system and powerful EPA-registered disinfectant to truly keep your restrooms clean!

Commercial Restroom Deep Cleaning

Our team is available to clean your restrooms as a one-time service, or on a weekly basis! With our electrostatic spraying mechanism, we can disperse a charged spray 360-degrees. The disinfectant, which is EPA-registered to kill dozens of dangerous bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19, will coat even hard-to-reach surfaces. These cleanings have been shown to prevent the spread of illness, and even help bad fight bad odors too.

Drain Treatment Service

We also offer drain treatment services for commercial businesses and residential homes in the Dallas-Fort Worth area too! With our drain treatment services, we can help prevent odors, keep drains and lines free of blockage from food and grease, and even prevent insects and other pests from taking up residence in your pipes and lines. Routine services help prevent costly plumbing work, and ensure a clean and well-functioning home or workplace!

Want to Learn More? Call for a Quote!

To receive your quote and learn more about our deep cleaning services for restrooms and hygiene improvement, contact DFW Disinfecting by calling 214-693-0075. We’re proud to serve clients both commercial and residential in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.