Electrostatic Technology

To truly keep your building’s occupants safe, you need to clean and sanitize commonly touched surfaces, including the ones that may not be easily visible! Which is why DFW Disinfecting uses a unique system powered by Thymox, a company responsible for a wide range of innovative disinfectants for the healthcare and retail industries. The device we use to spread the disinfectant creates a positive charge, ensuring a 360-degree spray range and touchless application. The elective-static charge then enables the EPA-registered chemicals to reach even hidden and hard-to-reach areas of your building.

Option One: Electrostatic Treatment

Our more affordable selection provides thorough and effective disinfectant using patented Thymox technology and a safe, botanically-derived active ingredient. We clean and sanitize your office in a single application, with an EPA-registered disinfectant known to destroy bacteria, viruses, fungus, and common allergens. The process doesn’t leave a foul odor, instead only a hint of a fresh lemongrass-grapefruit fragrance. Without using harsh chemicals, we sanitize soft surfaces in as little as two minutes, and destroy harmful viruses, such as the flu or norovirus, in as little as four minutes!

Option Two: Two-Step 90-Day Coating

Our second treatment option is a two-step process that provides a durable 90-day coating to destroy harmful virus, bacteria, fungus, and allergens and also ensure surfaces are easy to clean and defend. The process allows us to apply a water-based and antimicrobial agent that provides continuous defense for up to three months. We treat both porous and non-porous surfaces, and the application prevents the growth of odor, stains, mold, mildew, fungus, or algae. Not to mention the defense against bacteria and viruses! The disinfectant forms a covalent bond with the substrate to create a special antimicrobial coating. The coating itself forms a layer of spikes, each with a positive charge to attract negatively-charged bacteria. The spikes then pierce and rupture the cell membranes to destroy any viruses, bacteria, allergens, and more.

Once we’re done with either treatment option, you’re left with surfaces that are free of residue, rooms free of pungent odors, and residents and employees won’t have to worry about irritants that bother their skin, eyes, or lungs. A safe, effective means of disinfecting your buildings and keeping the people close to you safe and healthy!

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