Continue Flu Season Treatment

Continue Flu Season TreatmentFlu season is an annual experience for everyone. There’s plenty of coverage of flu season starting around October, when everyone is encouraged to receive a flu shot. It may surprise you to learn, however, that flu activity continues year round and can still peak even into May. This can be especially surprising to Texans, since it can start to feel like spring in February. As the temperature oscillates between warm and cold, it’s important that you still take the flu seriously as a biothreat. Continue to take preventive measures to reduce the spread of this disease.

Sanitize Work and Home Environments

Sanitization is a great step that you should be taking in any work or home environment. Awareness about COVID-19 has helped everyone become more thoughtful about the public transmission of disease. Just as we reduce the spread of coronavirus by sanitizing surfaces and environments, we can do the same with the flu. If you manage a commercial property, evaluate your sanitization plan. At home, do what you can to avoid self-contaminating with disease and passing it around the family.

Consider Getting a Flu Shot

If you never ended up getting a flu shot this season, you should still consider receiving one if possible. Inoculation against the flu is incredibly helpful for your immune system. Receiving a flu shot doesn’t guarantee that you’ll avoid getting sick altogether. However, this vaccination heightens your immune system and prepares you to fight a number of seasonal diseases that can knock you down. Your flu shot can also reduce the severity of your experience, should you get sick. Explore your options for receiving a flu shot.

Continue to Diligently Wear Masks

Flu numbers have actually not been as severe this year, due largely to the greater public awareness of health. We are all taking more precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and this has benefited our reduction of flu cases. Wearing masks reduces the spread of droplets and the transmission of disease. Wearing a mask to protect against coronavirus is also wearing a mask to protect against the flu. You should still, however, be aware of contact surfaces, as this is another common way in which the flu spreads.

Trust the Professionals at DFW Disinfecting with Your Sanitization

Whether you manage a commercial space, or you simply want to keep the interior of your home safe, the professionals at DFW Disinfecting can help. We use sanitization and disinfection methods that are human- and pet-safe to reduce disease populations in every indoor environment. We use EPA-registered cleaners to provide a safe experience for all parties involved. To learn more about disinfection services through DFW Disinfecting, contact our team at 214-693-0075. We proudly service the DFW area.