New Years Goals for Staying Safe

2021 happy new year on wood block on wood table and concrete wall with sunlight from window.hope new year conceptTonight is New Year’s Eve, and a brand new year will begin starting tomorrow. To say 2020 has been a difficult year for many is an understatement, but one that also brought about change in a number of ways – both good and bad. Indeed, three quarters of 2020 was spent in a global pandemic that seems to be never-ending, and while we are a step closer to peace of mind with a vaccine, there is still work to be done. In the last blog of the year, your team at DFW Disinfecting would like to start the new one off on the right foot with a few tips and goals to help keep you and your loved ones safe in the coming months.


Following Federal Guidelines

Probably one of the major lessons we learned this year as a society is that not paying mind to the federal guidelines issued in response the Coronavirus pandemic is only going to increase sanctions and make matters worse. These were put in place to best combat the effects of COVID-19, which has since spread worldwide, causing a pandemic responsible for serious illness, and in a significant number of cases, death. The virus spreads through droplets when we sneeze, cough, or talk, and can live on many surfaces for up to five days. While it can still spread if individuals wear masks, social distance and wash their hands, the chances of transfer decrease significantly. Coupled with sanitizing commonly-touched surfaces, following guidelines could help preserve the health of you and your loved ones, as well as others.

Disinfect Common Surfaces

As one of the most effective ways to prevent harmful bacteria, viruses, and other contagions from spreading, disinfecting commonly-touched surfaces will make a major difference. Keep in mind that even when you clean a difficult-to-reach area thoroughly, by the time you finish addressing the entire structure, bacteria and other concerns have already began to latch on, gather, and contaminate those surfaces.

In contrast, disinfecting procedures such as a two-step 90-day coating or electrostatic treatment work to properly sanitize a surface in its entirety by creating a covalent bond that prevents these threats from sticking. With a 360-degree spray range and touchless application, the process can be performed relatively quickly and allow you to get back to keeping your loved ones safe. For more information about our two main treatment types or to get a free estimate, contact our team today.

Be Proactive About Your Health and that of Others

While it would be foolish to believe the pandemic will magically be over by the start of the new year, we can work to protect our health and others’ by being proactive and taking the necessary precautions. Contact DFW Disinfecting in the DFW Metroplex by calling 214-693-0075 to learn more.