How Are You Combating Flu Season?

How Are You Combating Flu Season?It goes without saying, but 2020 has been a year unlike any other. While everyone is probably much more aware of public health now than they ever have been, that focus can get a little skewed. The coronavirus pandemic has been wreaking havoc, and case counts have been on the rise, but it’s not the only communicable illness that is peaking right now. Lost in the shuffle has been flu season. Even with the focus on coronavirus, the flu is still something to be aware of, and to try to avoid. How are you combating flu season? Here are a few suggestions.

Make Sure You Get Your Flu Shot

One step that you should take every year to combat the flu is to receive your flu shot. While this step seems straightforward, it’s all too easy to forget! A flu shot will inoculate your body against several of the most common strains of flu that immunologists expect to see each year. This could give you immunity to the flu, but mostly, it prepares your body for the season. Being inoculated to one strain of the flu can help your body fight other strains. It also primes your immune system so that you’re ready to go when any number of cold-weather viral bugs attack.

Take Cleaning and Contact Precautions this Flu Season

The good news about preparing for flu season is that you’re already probably in the habit of looking out for disease transmission. You should continue to take contact and cleaning provisions to combat both the flu and coronavirus. Make sure that you’re washing your hands thoroughly and often. Try to avoid close personal contact with people outside of your household as well. Furthermore, you should also keep contact surfaces clean. Make sure you’re wiping down counters with sanitizer after preparing food.

Have Your Home or Office Space Sanitized this Flu Season

In addition to the daily steps that you take to avoid the transmission of disease, you should also consider having your home sanitized by professionals. If you are a business owner or office manager, consider having your workspace sanitized as well. A professional sanitization crew can neutralize airborne threats such as COVID-19 and the flu. Giving yourself and your staff peace of mind while sharing a space together boosts everyone’s morale. Don’t forget about the flu this year, even as you avoid coronavirus.

Schedule Home Sanitization with DFW Disinfecting

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