Why It’s Best to Avoid Viruses

Corona Virus In Red Artery - Microbiology And Virology Concept - 3d RenderingUndetectable to the naked eye, contaminants lurk in many areas of your home, business, and other areas. Vaccines are in place to help our bodies combat them, but viruses such as COVID-19 that still do not have a vaccine as of yet continue to pose a major threat and claim lives. Indeed, airborne illnesses and other contaminants can affect people in tremendous ways, which is why the team at DFW Disinfecting in the DFW Metroplex wants to stress the importance of taking necessary precautions to avoid these contaminants while we are currently waiting for a cure.

Where They Thrive

You may have noticed that annually, viruses such as the common cold or the flu tend to spike around the same time of the year – the winter. In fact, most of them thrive more in dry, colder temperatures, meaning that the cold air does not aid in preventing spread. Because the air is drier, it can actually prolong a pathogen to stay airborne longer, increasing the chances of people coming into contact with them. Further, cold and dry temperatures affect our internal lines of defense by drying out our nasal passages. When this occurs, our mucous membranes dry out as well and thus are not as strong to protect against illness. It is recommended that warmer, wetter temperatures are more preferable in halting the spread, so as a temporary solution, implementing the use of a humidifier can help.

In the case of COVID-19, we understand that it is airborne and thus should take precautions mentioned above to keep ourselves and our families safe. For more information, contact our team today.

How They Interact with the Human Body

When tiny germs such as viruses inhabit the human body, they act as small hijackers that target your healthy cells, causing them to multiply and produce even more contaminated cells. While most have vaccines that protect the body against developing them, most doctors are only able to prescribe antibiotics that lessen the inflammation or symptoms until your immune system has successfully fought it off. These viruses can kill your cells, damage them, or even change them entirely. To avoid the negative effects of these pathogens, taking necessary steps to prevent their spread is a must.

Steps You Can Take to Prevent Spread

While not all viruses have vaccines or cures, there are still steps you can take to lessen your chances of developing them. For example, enlisting the help of a disinfecting team to properly sanitize your surfaces with eco-friendly treatment options can help prevent the spread of viruses and other contaminants, protecting you and your loved ones from harm. Contact us for more information.

Contact Our Team Today

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