What Really Happens When You Don’t Disinfect

While you may believe that your home is safe from spreading diseases and other concerns because you have done your part to socially distance and quarantine in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, the fact of the matter is that cleaning in and of itself does not necessarily mean you have successfully rid your home of bacteria. In fact, microorganisms that are impossible to detect with the naked eye can actually regenerate and grow while you are in the process of cleaning your space, once again occupying the surface you just tended to. It can be difficult to discern the gravity of the situation when it involves threats that we cannot see, however, DFW Disinfecting in the DFW Metroplex is prepared to help you and inform you about what really happens when you do not disinfect.

Hard-to-Reach Surfaces Are Breeding Grounds

As one might expect, the surfaces that you may have difficulty reaching or do not regularly clean due to its lack of visibility or space are breeding grounds for bacteria and other dangers. The lack of attention encourages growth and, if left unmanaged, can even result in development of fungus, viruses, and even allergens. What’s more, even minimal effort put into to addressing these problem areas can be no match for the rapid rate at which bacteria grow, leaving your perceived to be clean house open to threats or harms you might not expect. By addressing these problem areas with our 360-degree electrostatic technology, every surface of your home can have coverage and protection from harm.

The Rapid Rate That Bacteria Grow

Most common household bacteria have a generation time between 12 minutes and 24 hours. This means that even if you pay close attention to a surface, bacteria can re-inhabit it in much less than half an hour! That being said, utilization of disinfecting services really can benefit you and your family’s health. Our team at DFW offers a treatment known as a two-step 90 day coating, in which a water-based antimicrobial agent is applied to provide continuous defense for up to three months. The solution is not only eco-friendly, but works hard to combat mold. Mildew, fungus, algae, and even stains and odor. It also fights against bacteria and viruses while ensuring surfaces are easy-to-clean.

Increased Risk for Infection or Illness

As we have seen with the outbreak of the Coronavirus, viruses and other microorganisms can quickly get out of hand and target huge populations, even achieving pandemic status by threatening the whole Earth. Understanding how disinfecting and cleaning services differ while implementing a healthy schedule of both will benefit you and your loved ones by protecting your health. Contact our team to learn more.

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