Maintaining a Safe Space This Thanksgiving

Tired of routine at home concept. Cropped close up photo of woman with crying face holding showing smeared in sauce chocolate dessert plate trying to remove the dirt isolated grey backgroundWith Thanksgiving finally here, you may be in the midst of preparing for the holiday season. Traditionally, families work together to create a delicious feast to share with their loved ones. Creating memories and simply enjoying each other’s company. With the Coronavirus pandemic impacting the world the way it has, this year’s festivities have certainly been brought into question. While some families are choosing not to gather this year, others are choosing to uphold tradition but proceeding with caution. In lieu of the upcoming holiday, DFW Disinfecting is extending information to help you maintain a safe space during the holidays.

Doing Your Part

The most important factor to consider is everyone’s safety, including your own. This means taking the necessary steps needed to ensure everyone else’s health by getting tested for Coronavirus. While you may not be exhibiting any symptoms, it is important to note the versatility and duration of the virus. Individuals can remain asymptomatic and still spread the virus, which is why it is important now more than ever that if you are going to have people over for Thanksgiving, that you do your part to prevent its spread.

Taking Precautious Measures

In addition to ensuing your health and the health of your guests, providing a clean and sterile environment is a must. This means that simple cleaning may not suffice, and getting those hard-to-reach places is necessary to prevent infection. With the use of electrostatic technology, you can ensure that every surface is disinfected effectively and efficiently. DFW Disinfecting offers a unique system that is powered by Thymox to spread disinfectant with a 360-degree spray range. The device creates a positive charge on the solution so that once it is applied to surfaces, it sticks to them and creates an invisible barrier to lock out viruses, bacteria, allergens, and more. Additionally, we also offer a two-step 90-day coating to ensure your surfaces are properly sanitized and disinfected for up to three months. For more information, contact our team today.

Small Gatherings, If Any

The CDC has advised against large gatherings to minimize the Coronavirus’ spread. If you and your family are choosing to spend the holiday together, it is important that you adhere to the CDC’s guidelines to keep gatherings small (less than 10 people) and practice social distancing while utilizing a face covering when not eating. For more information on these standards, contact us.

Learn More

Whether you are gathering with family to celebrate the holidays or having a small dinner at home, it is important to take necessary precautions such as social distancing, protective measures, and knowing the status of the virus to remain safe. Contact DFW Disinfecting in the DFW Metroplex by calling 214-693-0075 for more information on staying safe through the holidays.