Why Sanitization Does More Than Average Cleaning

Businessman with umbrella covers himself from bacteria. Concept of solution to stop viruses contamination and pandemicNow more than ever cleanliness and caution are at the forefront of our minds. While we are eight months into the Coronavirus pandemic, the numbers of cases are continuing to rise in the United States. In addition to that, Flu season has begun and allergies are affecting us as well. With all of that in mind, you may be taking precautions to remain safe from harm by scrubbing the environment around you and staying home more often. But what about sanitation? While you may believe cleaning will suffice, the team at DFW Disinfecting in the DFW Metroplex is here to let you know just how much gets missed or glossed over, and what you can do to fix that.

Targets Difficult-to-Reach Areas

Many families and individuals partake in weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleaning of the house. Some families even choose to do deep cleans according to a specific schedule, though it is hard to believe that every piece of furniture and knick-knack on the shelf is properly removed, sanitized, and replaced, especially in the difficult-to-reach areas. In fact, most people are unaware that by the time they have addressed a difficult to access area and moved on to the next, bacteria, allergens, and more have already begun to swarm the area and infest it. When this occurs, it makes it difficult to properly clean many affected areas. So, what is the solution? Disinfection!

Provides Thorough Coverage

When you disinfect surfaces as opposed to attempting to clean them with a chemical, what you are doing is coating an area with a water-based solvent that is meant to not only rid the area of allergens, fungus, bacteria, and more, but you are providing a protective shield that prevents them from coming back. At DFW Disinfecting, we utilize a unique electrostatic device that spreads disinfectant using a positive charge that provides full, 360-coverage, and touchless application. The positively-charged solution sticks to surfaces and creates a layer of protection that prevents bacteria, viruses, and more from getting through.

Prevents Further Spreading

In addition to the thorough coverage, our sanitation treatments help to prevent the further spread of viruses and allergens. We offer a 90-day coating service that protects your home or business for up to three months after application, making it a popular option especially during the COVID-19 season. For more information about the best methods for staying safe and sanitizing your home or business, contact our team today.

Learn More Today

With no clear end date in sight, it is imperative now more than ever that you continue to practice social distancing and staying safe during this tumultuous time. Contact DFW Disinfecting today at 214-693-0075 to learn more about the benefits of sanitation services and how best to combat COVID-19 and other threats to your health.