Precautions You Can Take In The Wake Of A Pandemic

DFW Precautions to Stay SafeIn the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, keeping commercial and residential buildings cleaned and disinfected is a top priority. In addition to the pandemic, other allergens and airborne contaminants such as the flu are about to become a major concern as well with the oncoming flu and allergy season. Fortunately, the team at DFW Disinfecting is ready to help protect you and your family in the DFW area by providing thorough and professional cleaning and disinfecting services to your residential or commercial establishment.

Electrostatic Treatment

Cleaning surfaces and frequently-touched areas such as the tops of desks, tables, door handles, etc. is a necessary first step to prevent the spread of airborne pathogens and other organisms of concern. The fact of the matter is, however, that attempting to thoroughly clean every inch of commercial office space this way is not only unrealistic due to time constraints and physical space, but germs and bacteria also spread to hard-to-reach surfaces and spread there faster than we can clean them. With this in mind, a different method such as electrostatic treatment is needed to combat these concerns.

Electrostatic disinfecting consists of coating surfaces with a disinfecting solution that is spread evenly and efficiently, maximizing the area covered while dramatically reducing the time it would take to do so by hand. The electrostatic applicator is powered by Thymox and contains the solution that is applied to surfaces. The solution receives a positive charge from the device so that when it is applied, it electromagnetically sticks to the targeted surface. The applicator has a 360-degree spray range as well, providing a contactless application that covers an entire surface. This method offers a quick and efficient treatment to harmful bacteria and more without the use of harsh chemicals, leaving your office or home cleaned and sanitized for your protection.

90-Day Coating

Another precaution or cleaning option you can take involves a two-step process that provides a 90-day coating that combats a myriad of viruses, bacteria, fungi, allergens, and other microorganisms. Not only does this water-based antimicrobial agent destroy harmful organisms, but it helps to ensure surfaces are easy-to-clean and defend for up to three months. Porous and non-porous surfaces can be treated alike, and all it takes is our two-step process. To learn more, contact DFW Disinfecting today for a quote.

Keeping Yourself and Others Safe

At DFW Disinfecting, our top priority is to ensure that your home or working environment is thoroughly cleaned to protect your overall health. We offer treatment options that are minimally invasive and provide efficient and thorough results. Contact our team by calling 214-693-0075 for a free quote today. We serve the DFW metroplex and surrounding areas, and we welcome you to reach out to us today!