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Flu Season is Here!

Flu season generally lasts between October and February, and health experts are recommending everyone take extra precautions in the 2020-2021 flu season. Not only does the flu share many symptoms with COVID-19, but having both at once could lead to a greater risk of serious illness. Our disinfecting treatments can help protect your employees, family, and friends from contracting the flu!

Effective Disinfection Services For Commercial and Residential Buildings

Our team can disinfect and sanitize your home and office with advanced electrostatic technology, offering protection against the spread of COVID-19, the flu, and other harmful airborne contaminants using an EPA-registered disinfectant that is safe for people and pets alike!

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We Provide Personalized Service

Our team is experienced in disinfecting large and small buildings, reaching all available surfaces to keep you safe.

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A Safe and Thorough Approach

Following all recommended guidelines by the CDC, our team provides an extensive and thorough approach to safely disinfecting homes, offices, churches, hotels, and more. We can travel anywhere in the DFW area, and make sure your building is ready for flu season! We have two unique treatment plans available, and will help you decide which one is right for your needs.

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Thorough and Extensive Application

The disinfectant our team uses is electrostatically charged to ensure thorough application on the most difficult-to-reach surfaces in your home, church, or office.

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Our team of dedicated professionals will sanitize using a safe but powerful disinfectant.